In the fast-paced world of Information Technology, organizations are challenged to build and maintain technological environments that are current, secure and agile. Technology must meet the need to work smarter, facilitating greater efficiency and convenience, at reduced cost.

At IDI, we understand delivery depends on a solid understanding of the opportunities presented by the trajectories of technology, deep customer understanding, the discipline of established and tested processes and the guidance of experienced management. We deliver services tailored to fit the enterprise mission, policies, vision and plans.

IDI (Information Dynamics International, Inc.) understands in today’s business world the environ has to bolster increasing technological capabilities relative to the vast array of disciplines and social venues affiliated with the modern workforce.
IDI performs technical support activities with emphasis on information and configuration management, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), maintenance, requirements analysis, software development, support and integration of new technologies and testing.
As an IT services company, IDI maintains full life-cycle software management invoking a continuously improving cyber security posture for our clients. Information systems and network protection have become increasingly important.

The NAVSEA enterprise has awarded multiple ID | IQ (Indefinite Delivery | Indefinite Quantity) contracts for a wide range of engineering, programmatic, and technical services | solutions for NAVSEA Warfare Centers, NAVSEA Headquarters, PEOs, and field activities.
IDI is experienced in managing task-oriented software and systems development activities over the entire systems life cycle. The following is a listing of some of the open system, webapps and client/server application platforms on which IDI personnel have implemented technical solutions.

HRsolutions streamlines the acquisition of human resource services for the Army through a competitive, efficient, standardized, and well-managed process. HRsolutions supports contracting needs in four mission areas: 1) Management and Administrative Support, 2) Recruitment and Retention, 3) Personnel Services and Support, and 4) Studies and Analysis.

Corporate Philosophy
IDI (Information Dynamics International, Inc.) fosters a Commitment to Excellence employing leading-edge methodologies. We believe in strong team composite builds ensuring each engagement undertaken demonstrates unique solutions. IDI believes the establishment of our credulous experience base added to our solid financial performance with unchallenged reliability is the true measure of our value. We know professionalism is evidenced by successful integration of efficient, productive, and cost-effective systems into client work environments. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles that follow.

Our Clients
Our clients are our focus. We listen, gather, process and implement our customers requirements and that’s how we deliver our services that make our company successful. Our commitments, technology and our business approach puts clients first because we honor commitments. Because we ADAPT, We deliver...

Quality Assurance
IDI (Information Dynamics International, Inc.) delivers quality. Our QMA (Quality Management Approach) involves quality assurance and quality controls addressing enterprise-wide assimilation of progressive best business practices. In the accomplishment of our customers’ G&O (goals and objectives), our professionals ensure implementation of QMA crosswalks among all frameworks and methodologies we feature.

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