Unity is strength, with teamwork & collaboration, wonderful things are achieved. ~Mattie Stepanek


Collaboration Solutions

IDI (Information Dynamics International, Inc.) understands in today’s business world the environ has to bolster increasing technological capabilities relative to the vast array of disciplines and social venues affiliated with the modern workforce. Through the virtualization of the work center and integration of collaborative enterprises, emerging realities are readily available to our customers, such as:

  • Business-Class Security (data center security | operational best practices)
  • Online Services (cloud computing | mobile devices | subscriptions management)
  • Organizational Agility (platform agility)
  • Productivity Capabilities (blogging | e-mail | document workflow | libraries | messaging | PodCasts | VodCasts | web conferencing)
  • Servers | Applications Proficiencies (Active Directory synchronization | hybrid deployment services)

The bottom line in collaboration is better decision-making abilities. For instance, as a Microsoft Partner, IDI tailors SharePoint solutions to the specific information sharing and management needs of our customers. With Microsoft Partnership and Gold-Standard of fulfillment, we extend best practices in our service and product support. Coupled with our CMMI-2 compliant processes and best-in-class tools, this enables us to streamline communications and collaboration.

At IDI, we deliver high-level collaborative diversity as an essential component to sustain mission-critical customer requirements.

IDI incorporates varied collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint:

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