Systems Integration

IDI (Information Dynamic International, Inc.) systems engineering and integration services are built upon superior engineering skills combined with state-of-the-art automated tools to design, develop, and implement complex systems. Systems engineering offers a broad selection bringing varying options and opinions to play in platform framework analysis, configuration and design. The technology is dynamic, and ever maturing, as the worlds of business and IT (information technology) continuously seek to find better, more effective ways to communicate, work together, and deliver desired results.

Industry experts predict the focus will increasingly shift toward business process delivery and agile development, such as:

  • Cloud Computing - IDI works with a number cloud computing implementation models: IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service. We consider SaaS cloud computational models relevant to government closed cloud systems; our team provides 1) diagnostics to determine security and privacy, technical, business and customer impact, economics, and governance and policy goals; 2) defines strategy to determine system-to-system interfaces, data storage, forms processing and reporting, distributed architecture, access control (authentication and authorization), and security and user provisioning; and 3) implements planning determines roles and responsibilities, operating models, major milestones, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), risk plan, dependencies, and quality control mechanisms. The results of these steps enable cloud provider assessment, SLA (Service Level Agreement) development, and implementation | help desk functionalities (training where required).

  • Emergent Technological Trend Analysis and Development – IDI believes performance equates to a balance of emergent trends with concurrent development.

  • Information Management – incorporating business intelligence acuity, IDI integrates diverse data sets into high-performance end results.

  • Microsoft Solutions – as a Microsoft Gold Partner, IDI has end-processed 140 merit points toward Microsoft Gold Certification and we are in the final stages of additional Information Worker Competencies.

  • Open-Sourcing – solutions where permitted should involve open-sourcing to save client dollars and ensure proactive governance structurization.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture – our Lead Architects, Programmers and Engineers design and integrate SOA solutions routinely for web-based applications and other requirements.

  • Solutions Customization – through custom development of assets, alliances, and skills E2E (End-to-End) delivery provides our clients with a competitive edge.

  • Systems Integration Consulting – through proficient Human Capital Engineered practices, IDI drives clients toward competitive advantage.

    IDI application development support services include requirements analysis and validation, system design and development, application documentation, independent verification and validation, and training programs. We use industry-accepted development standards to ensure that completed systems meet stated requirements to meet the challenge of providing excellence in a constantly evolving discipline; IDI offers depth of experience that lowers the technology risks, and increases the potential for success. IDI provides leading edge, innovative, complete solutions; from requirements definition all the way through to implementation and support.

    IDI has alliance partnerships with the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers – Microsoft and Oracle. IDI delivers end-to-end enterprise solutions, including package evaluation and selection, implementation, and upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like; financial, document management, record management, content; management human resources, and customer relationship management.

    Our dedicated Enterprise Solutions practices leverage highly skilled resources across industries and applications, so that we can quickly deliver smart and innovative enterprise solutions.

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