The NAVSEA enterprise has awarded multiple ID | IQ (Indefinite Delivery | Indefinite Quantity) contracts for a wide range of engineering, programmatic, and technical services | solutions for NAVSEA Warfare Centers, NAVSEA Headquarters, PEOs, and field activities.

SeaPort-e furthers the Navy’s Seapower 21 objective to increase efficiency and allows for tailoring services according to the needs of geographically-dispersed organizations with significantly diverse product area requirements and missions. All NAVSEA enterprise contracting officers are ordering officers.

IDI Team Member: Whit Enterprises, Inc.
IDI Seaport-e Contract POC (Point of Contact): Ms. Christie Adams, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – IDI (Information Dynamics International, Inc.)
IDI Seaport-e Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact: Christie Adams, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - IDI

IDI Team Member Whit Enterprises, Inc. Experience:
Whit Enterprises experience in its core competencies includes Management Logistics Support Services provided to the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in Point Mugu, CA.

As a sub Whit Enterprises (WE) provided program support and technical analysis on the CMIS (Configuration Management Information System) program. CMIS is DoD's software solution for weapon platform configuration identification, managing change control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audit for all configured items to be managed. Eighteen tasks were contracted to Qualtec, Inc. (Prime) and all received the rating of EXCEPTIONAL.

Under this contract, Whit Enterprises provided all aspect of management and repository operations for CMIS. We analyze new and existing program requirements and engineering changes monitoring required acquisitions, change control, distribution, recommended procurements and the integration of multi-formatted technical data as one of the management facets of CMIS Integrated Logistics Support. We collected OOMA (Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity) baseline data coordinating with the A V-8 Fleet Support Team Cherry Point for completion of the Serial Number Tracking implementation Technical Directive.

Whit was responsible for projecting scheduling and tracking of NAVAIR operations synchronization. Generated OOMA baseline databases compatible with CMIS for the following platforms: CH | MH-53E, H-60, E-2CrrE-2C | C; 2A, EA-6B, F-14, F/A-18 and CH-53D. Developed baselines with documentation for complete system tracking at the Organization, Intermediate and Depot levels.

Another project where we have provided services under subcontract to Qualtec, Inc. is a time and material, Technical Data Support for NAVAIR 3.0. These services were provided at the Naval Air Systems Command at the Patuxant Naval Air Command, Lexington Park, MD.

IDI provides management, administration, technical and operational support expertise required to operate a Systems Command Technical Data Library in support of aircraft, weapons, and targets to include their systems and subsystems. The company also performed conversion, storage retrieval, replication, distribution, and archiving functions for legacy (raster) and digital data relative to Technical Manuals, Engineering Drawings and associated documents. In addition, this effort included providing operations and management support to the NATEC JEDMICS site.

Quality Assurance Program

IDI, Inc., together with its teaming partner Whit has built a solid reputation for high-integrity IT (information technology) management of outstanding quality. Factors that contribute to quality include: timeliness in delivery, freedom from error in presentation, technical accuracy and soundness, and client satisfaction.

Ultimately, providing quality support to our customers is the assigned Program Manager’s responsibility. We work with our customer’s Quality Assurance process managers to ensure that the required processes, procedures and performance measure data are incorporated into the daily activities of our project team. The Project Manager conducts regular quality assurance meetings with the customer to discuss the results of the Quality Assurance activities.

Well beyond good management, we believe that the production of a quality product or service starts with each team member’s personal commitment to quality. We stress to each individual on the team the importance of working together to continuously improve our results and to review each other’s work. The following describes these quality factors and the approach we use to ensure that we will apply them consistently across the entire effort:

Timeliness – each project team member consults on any work assignment from the Project Manager by discussing the task requirement, proposed work schedule, milestones and deliverables. Individual team staff members keep the Project Manager advised of their delivery schedules and on-going progress toward milestones and delivery dates. We break large complex tasks into small, manageable tasks, with short, concrete deliverables and milestones. This focus on sub-tasks allows us to apply critical path techniques and to spot early indicators that warn of a delivery date at risk. This approach is especially critical on planning and analysis tasks. The Project Manager may decide to refocus or redirect staff efforts as necessary to support the task. The Project Manager also advises the customer of the efforts being taken to ensure that agreed-to schedules remain on target.

Freedom from Error - IDI builds an internal review of deliverable products and services into all of our delivery schedules. Although each individual works as thoroughly as possible, another team member routinely reviews every deliverable. As the complexity and criticality of a deliverable or service increases, we likewise increase our level of management participation in the reviews.

Technical Accuracy and Soundness - IDI conducts quality review through a second team member, which we believe results in improved accuracy and a better final product and/or service. A fresh technical review and an objective assessment from a peer member of the core team invariably identify ways to improve every product and service.

Client Satisfaction - IDI meets the customer at least every 30 days to ensure total satisfaction with our process and our results. More frequent meetings can be scheduled as often as is desired by the customer. Each individual Team member (in his or her assignments) and the IDI Team Project Manager (via status reports and interaction with customer managers) will ensure that requirements are met and that satisfaction is achieved.

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